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In the heart of the Triad, CityServe Triad has transformed from a visionary idea into a remarkable reality, touching the lives of 7500 families each month. A staggering 1.2 million household items and 26,000 pounds of fresh produce later, the journey from concept to execution has been nothing short of extraordinary.

CityServe Triad PODs

CityServe's PODs (Points of Distribution) are essential components of our distribution model, serving as bridges of compassion and service between the central HUB and local churches. The POD system is designed to efficiently channel resources and support from the HUB to meet the specific needs of communities through compassionate giving and relationship building.


CityServe collaborates with major partners such as Food Lion, Wal-Mart, Panera Bread, Local Bakeries, and others to procure a variety of food items. This ensures a diverse range of resources that can meet the nutritional needs of individuals and families.

7,500 Families Served Monthly

Picture the joy and relief on the faces of 7500 families as CityServe Triad provides them with the nourishment they need. It's not just about feeding bodies; it's about nourishing spirits and building a community that cares.


1.2 Million Household Items Distributed

CityServe Triad goes beyond food, distributing a staggering 1.2 million household items. It's more than just essentials; it's about creating homes filled with warmth, comfort, and the assurance that someone cares.

26,000 lbs Fresh Produce

Fresh produce isn't just about nutrition; it's a symbol of growth, vitality, and the promise of a healthier future. CityServe Triad brings 26,000 pounds of freshness to families, sowing seeds of well-being.

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